Quick Answer: Carry Ou Curry?

What is the meaning of carry out work?

/ˈkær·i/ to perform or complete a job or activity; to fulfill: I was elected to carry out a program, the governor said, and I have every intention of carrying it out.

Is it carry out or carryout?

Carry – out (or carryout ) refers to food or drinks picked up from a restaurant or other place to be consumed elsewhere, typically at home. It can also refer to the place where you get it, though this is less common unless it’s used as an adjective, as in carry – out place or carry – out service.

What word means to carry out?

execute; carry out; implement; go through; put through; follow through; follow up; follow out; accomplish; fulfil; action; carry through; fulfill.

What is the phrasal verb of carry out?

to do or complete something, especially that you have said you would do or that you have been told to do: Dr Carter is carrying out research on early Christian art.

What carry means?

Carry, convey, transport, transmit imply taking or sending something from one place to another. Carry means to take by means of the hands, a vehicle, etc.: to carry a book; The boat carried a heavy load.

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What carry away means?

transitive verb. 1: to arouse to a high and often excessive degree of emotion or enthusiasm The girl was carried away by her pity.—

Is carry out formal?

Although we often think of phrasal verbs and other multi-word verbs as being rather informal, the majority are in fact neutral and there are a good many that are positively formal. If you only learn one phrasal verb to use in formal writing, my recommendation would be carry out.

What means carryout only?

Sometimes, those great deals are for carryout pizza only! In those instances, when you choose carryout instead of delivery, you’ll save simply because you can come and pick up your pizza from the Domino’s location nearest you. It’ll be hot, just the way you expect your carryout pizza to be.

What does took a fancy mean?

: to form a liking for She took a fancy to the stray dog.

What is the meaning of carry forward?

carry forward in American English 1. to proceed or progress with. 2. Accounting. to transfer from one column, page, book, or account to another.

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